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Crypto Trading Diary: Short term trading insight

Hello Redditer's. I am new here, but active on bitcointalk. I have started a Trading Diary and will be posting trade set ups, analysis and real time trades. The intro from bitcointalk and link is below. i will update ongoing here as well.
I am a trader with a technical analysis background and in recent months got involved in crypto. I am going to use this thread to discuss and share my crypto trading activities using the following starting point:
Trading Float: $5,000 Trading Approach: Short term (hours / days max) Exchange: CEX.IO Products to Trade: BTC/US$, BTC/GHS, Other Crypto Pairs as required
I have an account at CEX and did well enough buying their Futures product FHM which I described here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=730666.msg8263659#msg8263659 I am using that pot of money in this exercise.
My aim is to share the trades I intend to take, reasons for taking a trade, entry points and exit points either for profit or loss. I'll track the trade outcomes and post all the details in this thread. This won't be a 'I took a trade yesterday and made $1K' anyone can do that, it will be more like 'If the BTC/$ price hits X I will buy with a profit target of Y and a stop loss of Z.' with the reasoning behind it. I'll also share methods I am using and if anyone wants to ask questions or tell me I am dumb etc then all comments welcomed.
Why am I doing this? Well I am trading anyway and I always find sharing and documenting this sort of activity is great for learning, discipline and a bit of enjoyment. Trading can be a lonely game, so this sort of interaction is also good for motivation.
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Crypto Diaries: Blockchain upgrades & Trading innovations

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Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #5

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Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #7

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Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #7

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i-Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #6

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Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #5

Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #5 submitted by coinscribble to coinscribble [link] [comments]

i-Pandora Crypto Trading Platform Dev Diary – Overview #6

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Free Crypto Trading Signal on Telegram - MLM Classifieds | MLM Diary

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Free Crypto Trading Signals & crypto Trading - MLM Classifieds | MLM Diary

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t.mecryptosignalalert Free Crypto Trading Si - MLM Classifieds | MLM Diary

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Bitcoin Crypto Trading BOT & Crypto Trading - MLM Classifieds | MLM Diary

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My First YouTube Video Of A Portfolio Vlog Diary

So I have decided to make a weekly vlog diary of my portfolio and the positions I have and stocks I am looking at. The portfolio focus on swing trading penny stocks/crypto ( very short term trades) and bluechip stock (short to medium trades.) Each video will begin with a rundown of what happened to my trades over the week and the growth of the overall portfolio. The second part of the video will be a specific topic such as my favorite indicators, spotting upwards trends, penny stock vs bluechip trading strategy, my biggest mistakes and much more etc.
The goal is $1 million dollars which is crazy I know, but I am 110% serious and I wanted to make a vlog diary of this journey. Without further ado:
First Vlog Portfolio Diary
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List of True Crime Podcasts - one case per podcast/season - with descriptions

I always find that the suggestions for one case podcasts are scattered among comments, but I wanted to put a list together for those who were seeking some suggestions and in hope that I would find some new Podcasts to listen to – to make this easier I have put these in order of when the first episode was released. I will of course missed countless Podcasts, please let me know what I have missed and I will happily add them to my list. Enjoy. Follow the updates on Instagram @truecrime_podcasts
Update: I have put a \* next to the podcasts that are highly rated on podcast platforms. These are not suggestions by me, but here for the purpose of those that are after highly rated podcasts.

Added 2 December 2019 (not in date order)
Added 4 December 2019 (not in date order):

Added 8 December (not in date order):

Turns out Reddit has a word limit: Update continued on Post 2.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @ truecrime_podcasts
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[H] Around 200 Games (Bastion, CoD WWII, Prison Architect, Sniper Elite 3, Spyro, Squad, Jack Box, etc.) [W] PayPal, Gift Card, Wishlist, Crypto




Make a bid instead of asking for the price
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Best Crypto Trading Books Everybody In Crypto Should Read

Many currencies in existence today owe their foundations as well as their underlying structures and systems of Bitcoin. Fortunately for those investors, there are many other digital currencies available today, and new currencies are emerging all the time. Many of these currencies will not succeed, but there is a chance that some could go on to be the next big star of the digital currency world. As an investor, it's a responsibility to make better decisions to limit the risk of losing thousands or millions of money.
In cryptocurrency, there are several ways to improve skills as an investor. The best thing to do is read the Best Crypto Trading Books and apply the skills and theories on investing or trading. One known book about crypto trading is The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Each section addresses a different perspective of battle and psychology. While it has long been studied by militaries around the world, it has gained much attention in the business and financial world as well thanks to the applicability of its ideas to operating a business. Magazines like Forbes have published articles about applying the teachings to the business world.
Another book a crypto trader must-read is the Diary Of A Professional Commodity Trader by Peter Brandt. The book focuses on trade administration over trade association, contradicting what many others in the industry view as the most important aspect of successful trading. Brandt declares that, rather than rushing from one trade to the next, constantly searching for a magic-bullet indicator that will let them choose all winners, solid risk management and consistency are the keys to success.
These are just two essential works that can be considered as the best crypto trading books an investor should read. There are hundreds of books out there, and an investor should cherry-pick what's gonna be a suitable article to ponder. Reading is essential for a crypto-trader overall personal growth and development. Besides, if one develops good reading habits, it's expected that it will lessen the burden of decision making.
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[H] 200+ Games; Call of Duty WWII, Squad, Mutant Year Zero, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, 7 Days to Die, Slay the Spire, Hitman, SOULCALIBUR VI, Warhammer, BATTLETECH, and much more! | [W] PayPal, Gift Card, Wishlist, Crypto




Flair Profile
Make a bid instead of asking for the price
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Kraken Support【+1(856) 295-1229】Number

Kraken has many full-time, dedicated Client Engagement specialists who are knowledgeable of crypto and financial services, also as trained on our products and services. Within the world of cryptocurrency trading, downtime means missed opportunities. That’s why we are committed to providing exceptional client support in the least hours with hands-on assistance or with our extensive library of helpful support documentation. Kraken Support Number 1(856) 295-1229 team features a proven diary of providing a prompt,, exceptional customer service. Our team is usually available to lend a hand, regardless of the difficulty.
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Progress Report 79: The Qing Empire, Part I

Hello and welcome to this week’s dev diary, the first of a two-part series on the Qing Empire! In this diary we’ll be focusing on background, as well as some of the political paths available to you.

Historical Background

Following the end of the Fourth Zhili-Fengtian war in 1927, Emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi was restored to the throne in Beijing as a condition of Germany’s support for Wu Peifu and the Zhili Clique. The new government is technically a constitutional monarchy, with Puyi sharing power with a National Assembly in Beijing. Nominally composed of representatives from all of China, only the area around Beijing and the North China Plain frequently send representatives. Warlord cliques hostile or ambivalent to Beijing's rule, like Yan Xishan, do not participate for various reasons , while the Fengtian government holds its own elections.
The “Qing Empire” in 1936. The country represented on the map as “Qing” is areas directly controlled by Wu Peifu’s Northern Zhili Clique.
Despite the pretenses of democratic legitimacy and a benevolent, irenic monarch, Wu Peifu truly controls Beijing and its environs. Ruling through his two proxies, Cao Kun in the Assembly and Puyi on the throne, he has consolidated his rule over much of Northern China. Yet this grip is sliding as the Empire enters 1936, facing massive international debt, and internal and external security threats.

Political Parties

Before getting into the gameplay for the Qing I want to do a brief overview of Qing’s political parties. A note though - the ideology system we have in place is quite Eurocentric, and while it does a good job simulating European-style political systems, it runs into issues once you get to east Asia. For instance, the Yiguandao being natpop doesn’t imply that they’re crypto-fascists - there just isn’t really any other place to put them.
With that out of the way - onto the parties. The three leftist parties are largely irrelevant, and can never come to power. A few events will deal with them but most leftists in China are either imprisoned or have fled south to the fledgling KMT.
The Social Democrats represent the New Chinese Empire Reform Association. While using the name of a pre-Xinhai reformist group, the NCERA is actually an alliance of two, more modern, reform groups. The first is the Rural Reconstruction Party (RRP), lead by Liang Shuming and the Harvard and Princeton educated J.C. “Jimmy” Yen. Favoring rebuilding China from the ground-up, this group emphasizes the value of the traditional Chinese village as the basic building block of society, rebuilding the rural infrastructure shattered by decades of intermittent warfare. The second part of the coalition is a loose group of intellectuals inspired by the works of Kang Youwei, an ambitious reformer of the late Qing dynasty who advocated for a constitutional monarchy. Following the restoration of Puyi, his works have come back into prominence, and are popular among middle-class urban intellectuals. The NCERA want to see an end to warlords and foreign influence in China, and a return to a ‘traditional’ style of decentralized local rule.
The Social Liberals represent the Young China Party. Inspired by the Young Turks, the YCP is a dominated by a clique of young officers at the Baoding academy alienated by the exclusivity and nepotism of the Zhili clique, led by some politicians who supported the northern warlords against the KMT in 1927. Joining them are urban intellectuals in cities like Beijing, who feel out of place in both the NCERA and the Manchu party. They advocate for the elimination of China's warlords and the establishment of a strong central government, as well as a nationalist agenda which focuses on the abolition of the special privileges and extraterritoriality enjoyed by foreign powers in China, plus rapid militarization and industrial growth. They also wish to see the end of warlords and factionalism, and stress a return to a ‘legitimate’ constitutional government in China. While not necessarily in favor of Pu Yi and the Aisin Gioro clan, they also realize they are the best chance at achieving their dream. If in power, they will use the Emperor as a legitimizing propaganda symbol, while attempting to minimize the machinations of the Manchu princes.
The Social Conservatives represent the Zhongshe, or Manchu party. Mainly a group of Manchu nobles, Qing loyalists, and various Aisin Gioro princes, joined by some courtiers and hangers-on. Opposed to Wu’s Zhili clique, they favor a return to Qing control over all of China. Unlike more radical factions, they are willing to tolerate warlords and some degree of factionalism - as long as they swear complete and utter loyalty to the Emperor.
Wu Peifu initially allowed these parties to hold some seats in the assembly as a way of securing international and domestic legitimacy for his regime - basically “Look: I’m not a tyrant! We have an opposition in the Assembly!” This strategy backfired, however, as China’s trade debt continued to spiral out of control, while Wu’s hope that Cao Kun’s political prestige could keep them in line faded as Cao sank deeper into alcoholism and depression.
Wu and the Zhili clique do not rule directly - they operate through a party known as the Harmony Association. Initially simply a front for Wu’s Zhili Clique, the HA has evolved from a group of generals into a byzantine web of military officers, provincial governors, and bureaucrats. While Wu was renowned for keeping a painting of George Washington behind his desk, the group has little democratic support, or any ideological basis whatsoever. The Association is more concerned with consolidating its powerbase in the Northern Basin, then reining in the more autonomous governors across the country. While willing to work with Germany when their interests line up, Wu is also wary of German influence in the region, and will not bend to German pressure for concessions.
Complicating matters is the Prosperity League - the party of the new industrialist and banker class, who are suspicious of the HA’s military nature. Germany, also wary of Wu’s ambition but not wanting to revoke its support for the only bulwark of an unpopular regime, has focused on turning this disorganized and small group into a well-funded social clique, facilitating connections between industrial-minded elites across the country through AoG organized “progress expositions” that push a free-trade agenda as well as modern farming techniques and the newest technology. While not overtly hostile to Wu’s ambitions, the PL mainly acts as a lobbying group, pushing for increased free trade, relaxed government regulations, and industrial stimulus - nominally for the interests of the elite - but truly for the AoG. This is also the party favored by German-trained officers in the fledgling Qing navy, whose inter-service rivalry with the Zhili-dominated military has been deliberately stoked by Germany. Mechanically, this party acts similar to the fruit company influences in Costa Rica - they can provide bonuses at low levels, but letting their influence get too high can lead to problems with anti-foreign unrest.
The Paternal Autocrats represent Wu’s personal power in the country, though this has little mechanical impact on the game.
Finally, the National Populists represent Yiguandao influence. Initially limited, should Wu be deposed through the help of a certain Honored Teacher their influence can grow…

The League Collapse

The defining early-game event for the Qing is the collapse of the League of Eight Provinces. SPOILERS AHEAD - if you’d like to be surprised by the League collapse on your first game I wouldn't recommend reading below this point
The player will be given some idea of what’s occurring in the League leading up to the collapse, though it won't be a perfect picture - despite his wide-reaching intelligence network Wu is not omniscient.
Once Chen Tiaoyuan breaks free Wu is presented with a choice - either to support Chen, Qi Xieyuan, or nobody at all. Each option opens up a new path for the Qing.
Supporting Chen greatly boosts Wu’s domestic legitimacy, as he is seen as launching on a quest to liberate China from foreign oppression. However, this isolates him from German support, and he is forced to turn to somewhat unorthodox methods in preparing for the inevitable Japanese invasion.
Supporting Qi allows Wu continue to gain German support, including valuable military equipment that may be necessary in defeating Japan. Yet at the same time it costs him basically whatever shreds of popular support he has left, and he is forced to spend a large amount of time and effort placating the various parties in the Assembly angry at him.
Mechanically these two trees, plus another one I’ll be spotlighting next week, have a shared “Zhili” tree, that focus on managing internal matters in the clique, as well as preparing for the Japanese invasion.
However, supporting either Chen or Qi gives you a short mini-tree allowing you to either leverage your new popularity or attempt to use German capital to its fullest while placating angry reformers.
German backing has powerful rewards…
The two trees
That’s all for this week, but next week I’ll be covering what happens when Wu refuses to intervene, along with the full tree. It will feature two portraits already in the current release, and if you can guess them both I’ll give you brownie points!
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[H] Payday 2, Cod4, Hello Neighbor + more [W] Trades or offers

I'm very new to PC gaming. Here are a few codes I do have. Ill take paypal [USA] or other game offers. I have made a few trades on here (buying games but never selling.) Ive also spent a bit of money trading crypto on reddit. I can find the links if you guys need them.
Dad Quest
Velocity Ultra
Serial Cleaner
Circut Breakers
Laser Disco Defenders
Payday 2 Ultimate Edition
Gauntlet Slayer Edition
Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Humble Keys
Ascennsion Deck Building game
Love letter (card game)
Punch Club
The Final Station
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
Hello Neighbor
Streets of Rogue
Party Hard
Party Hard High crimes (expansion)
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[H] Over 100 Games w Price [W] Crypto, PayPal & Game Offers

Most are steam keys although I have some of HB gift links from previous HB game bundles. Ask away if you are interested in gift links & I will verify to see if it is the case.
Any crypto-related payments will be prioritized over the other options. If you want to pay with PayPal, then you need to pay the fees if any. I'm also willing to listen to any decent game offers.
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Weekly Update: Parena trifecta, Cryzen shareable backtests, Crypto biggies for aXpire, HYDRO taking giant strides... - 29 Mar - 4 Apr'19

Weekly Update: Parena trifecta, Cryzen shareable backtests, Crypto biggies for aXpire, HYDRO taking giant strides... - 29 Mar - 4 Apr'19
Hiya folks! Starting today and over the next 10-12 days, I'll attempt to catch up on all the pending weekly updates. Seeing how much goes on in Parachute + partnerverse in a week, this is going to be a humongous challenge. Let's see how it goes. Wish me luck! Our good friends at Uptrennd, did a shoutout to a previous weekly update. You guys rock! And this is why making these updates is so worthwhile. This week's post is easily going to be the biggest one yet. Here's your week at Parachute (29 March to 4 April):

Parenas were aplenty this week. Starting with the weekly Parena which Alexis won to take home a lion’s share from the 200k PAR pot. Alexis also picked the Metallica theme Parena spoils by beating Kamo in a quick finale battle and claimed his rightful share from the 100k PAR pool. And finally, we had a WED Parena after a long time. Chris sponsored 1M WED for the Parena pot, and almost won the winner’s share if not for Clinton whose Zebra beat Chris’ Mink to claim top spot. Damn! That’s a ton of PAR and WED given away in a single week in Parenas. Jason hosted the first ever Parachute-based trivia instead of the normal Gamee games for the week. It’s been a fun ride with even Cap and Ice getting stumped by one of the questions.

3-2-1, Kamo goes down! Alexis is victorious!

We are also starting to see multiple Parachute partners collaborating with each other. Zachary from BOMB joined Jeff from Uptrennd for a live stream chat on what the future holds for the crypto market. In other BOMB news, the BOMB puzzle stayed unsolved. 1000 BOMB tokens were burned as a result. The riddle was about Vitalik Buterin’s death hoax. To prove that he was alive, Vitalik had uploaded a picture of the latest block size. The answer could be reached by hashing together the block reward and parent block and finally adding gas at the end. ETHOS followed up its BOMB listing with a featured article explaining what the project was all about. Folks who haven’t had the chance to read up on BOMB yet, check it out. Did you know that ETHOS has been acknowledging good conversations in their Telegram channel using ParJar for quite some time now? Read here about it and join in! The latest updates to the dev diary and dashboard were made this week. Also, if you aren’t on Uptrennd yet, check out this article on MrBTC to find out what you’re missing out. “Uptrennd currently share around 80% of the websites revenue with their users”. Boom!

PoL – Proof-of-Life

In Cryzen-world, all Free accounts participating in the Battle of the Bots #1 Competition were upgraded to Starter accounts for the month of April. Simulation sharing is now live on the Cryzen Code Studio thanks to Robin. Any backtest can now be shared with the world using a link. Click here to check the test run of Shuvro’s Mean Reversal algorithm. Once there, you will be able to use the Share button and social links on top to share the backtest with friends. Plus, the algo-of-the-week would have to be Shuvro’s Mean Reversal bot live trading ETC on Binance netting an ROI of ~16%. Pretty neat!

This beauty looks like a contender for the Battle of the Bots

Matthew sat down for a tete-a-tete with Ben (Ethfinex) to talk about the aXpire project. While AXPR didn’t make it to Ethfinex in the vote (more on that in the next update), the greatest takeaway was the community and influencer support that came along the way. Roger Ver, J.D. Salbego, That Martini Guy and Crypto Mobster (Ash Davidson) were some of the well known personalities that got behind aXpire. Oh Hey Matty’s review of AXPR also came out this week. And there’s not enough that could be said of the awesomeness of the aXpire community. They came out in numbers to back up the project and vote. In the next update, we will share how the community gave exceptional support during the voting phase. On a lighter note, this was also April Fool’s week. aXpire’s prank turned out to be so believable that some folks got stumped. The team had to change the headline and add an “EDIT” to emphasise that it was a joke. Haha! Remember, aXpire’s visit to SOS Children’s Village in India? Here’s some pictures from the visit. The monthly AXPR burn was also this week. 110k AXPR gone forever. Congratulations to the Telegram contest winners for snagging 100 USD worth of AXPR each! And finally, click here and here for a sneak peek at the MatchBX redesign. Stay tuned for more! Below is a big picture view of how aXpire is building adoptable blockchain infrastructure for all:

The aXpire ecosystem has both enterprise and consumer products

2gether co-founders Ramon and Salva were invited this week by KPMG as part of their KPMGTalks Series. Click here and here for pictures from the event. As chosen by the community through a vote, this video is now the official intro for 2gether. Also check out the presale trailer which features the intro. If you’re participating in the presale, make sure to go through the product roadmap and fund use plan. And if you’re travelling to the FinTech Unconference in Madrid in May, you can catch a moment with Salva who will be speaking there.

Intended Use of Funds from 2gether presale

HYDRO fans, check out the latest community update for a lowdown on all things HYDRO. Some of the highlights from the update are – addition of ParJar (covered in our last update), listing of HYDRO on ETHOS, making it to the final Ethfinex list for community vote (like aXpire). The Hydrogen Molecule security token investment platform is under development. For a demo, you can get in touch with the team. Hydrogen co-founder Mike was in Istanbul this week to speak on “APIs and Cloud” as part of the Istanbul Fintech Week. Click here for pics from the event. Plus, HYDRO is now part of Binance Info’s Transparency Initiative. As a result, the project received the V label (like Fantom did). The V label means that the project team is itself providing relevant information on Binance Info. As part of the Ethfinex voting process, Ben interviewed Mark Anstead, Hydrogen head of BD. Hydro will be BUIDLing a Bitfinex/Ethfinex/NEC centred dApp if they make it to the top 3 in the votes. In more BUIDL news, the upcoming Hydro dAppStore could look like the following:

Hydro dAppStore UI teaser
Blockport fans will know that social trading is a key upcoming feature of the project. In this detailed piece, founder Kai explains the details of this feature and what it holds for the future of Blockport. In Switch news, the first fee airdrop to ESH and SDEX holders was done this week. As part of distribution, 300k ESH and more than 3k USD in ETH was given out. A few more quick updates can be found in this article. Here’s John McAfee speaking on the importance of DEX’es and why SwitchDEX is a promising project. If you haven’t read up on SwitchDEX yet, this article lays bare the details of the Dex and its token (SDEX). Bounty payouts with Bounty chocolate bars was enabled by Bounty0x on 1st April (notice the date :p). Wonder if anybody tried a payout. The BNTY roadmap was updated recently. Check it out here. Plus, if you are participating in any bounty on the platform, the weekly distribution report will be of interest. Opacity enthusiasts, check out the March update from Jason. Some key takeaways from the update would be on the development-front. Opacity is also one of the few projects in the crypto-space that share finance updates. Below is 2019 expense forecasting for Opacity:

Actual expenses for March, forecasts for others

And finally, a quick summary of updates from some of the other partners. District0x is calling on meme lords to be prepared with their dankest memes for the MemeFactory0x launch day. The weekly District update and biweekly Dev update share the latest progress in District Registry and Ethlance among others. Fantomites, check out the monthly recap of the project for March. Another FTM fundamental analysis dropped this week. This time by FundaMint. Check out the analysis report here. Fantom’s CIO Michael Kong sat down for an AMA this week to answer questions from the community. His reverts can be found here. Dutch followers of Fantom, make sure to mark your calendars for an AMA on 25th June. That Martini Guy’s video mentioned in the aXpire update above also covered FTM as one of his picks for Q2 2019. Woot! Horizon State Token (HST) is now available for trading on Easy Crypto for folks in both Australia and New Zealand. The latest version of the Gem app (v0.17.4) with significant performance upgrades is now live on the App Store and PlayStore. The WednesdayClub dApp is now searchable on dappradar and state of the dapps.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend folks. Don’t forget to listen to this super chill soundtrack recommendation from Cap. Until next time. Ciao.
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EASY MONEY Share trading diary day 2 DIARY TRADING : 25th August 2020 - Binance Trading XYO Trading Diary Ep. 0.5 Resolute Cryptotrading My trading journal template

A diary can improve your performance far more than you might ever have imagined. If you have ever made a trading decision in a moment of excitement and you were sure you were making the best deal only to discover it was a huge mistake, then you will like TradingDiary Pro because it helps you to recognize these moments. Crypto Trading Diary . Even though most traders don't give it enough consideration, learning your trading tendencies is valuable when looking to make it in the crypto world. You need to keep track of all your dealings and outcomes. This information helps you understand your decision-making process and to track progress. 1. 3Commas. 3Commas is the most advanced cloud-based trading terminal with crypto trading bots for those who are not joking around and know what they are doing.Whether you are looking just for a smart trading terminal with possibilities to all your needed trading features from one window or an endless amount of crypto bots with different needs, this platform is for you. The most flexible, powerful, complete, and convenient trading journal for Stock, Forex, Options, Crypto, Futures, and Futures Options day traders. About Sign Up Crypto World Evolution (CWE) 2019 Overview. Crypto World Evolution has recently come to light as a top performing auto trading bots. We covered the whole bitcoin trading bot review side of the software in another post you can find here: Crypto World Evolution and a report that came out regarding legality of using bots, you can see here: CWE Howey Test.

[index] [22] [371] [383] [20] [385] [255] [17] [425] [148] [208]

EASY MONEY Share trading diary day 2

The Diary of a Trader 3,932 views. 5:30. Chart Binance/Bittrex Cryptos on MT5 - Duration: ... Crypto Trading in 2019 - 3 Things You Need to Know - Duration: 11:55. Crypto Bobby 11,705 views. LunchBox Crypto is a daily diary of crypto promotions that I am doing using the "Free Crypto Method". The method is only available 1 of 2 way: 1. Join my IML team at https://bit.ly/joiniml at the ... Cryptocurrency CFD Trading - A Powerful Opportunity Getting a digital wallet, finding an exchange and internet security are the major issues faced by the cryptocurrency traders. #Cryptocurrencies #Altcoins #Blockchain #DDKOIN Disclaimer I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own res... The Diary of a Trader 819 views. 20:26. How To Set A Stop Limit Order on Coinigy V2 ... Coinigy Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform!!! (Review) - Duration: 7:41. Crypto Advisor 13,664 views.