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What broker allows you to day trade options as frequently as you want without restriction on a CASH account?

Hello. I’ve been trading options for a couple years now. My strategy consists of day trading SPY. I make a lot of trades. So far I’ve been banned from using robinhood, tradestation, and tdameritrade because I trade too much. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a broker that will allow me to buy and sell options using my own money as many times a day that I want. I don’t care if I have to pay 10 dollars per trade... just so I’m able to do it. The amount of money I’ve lost from being forced to hold contracts that are heavily in the money only to have them down and out of the money the next day is sickening. Or the amount of times I want to buy a call, but can’t cause the funds are “unsettled”, and then proceed to watch spy pump 5% in an hour is also sickening.
For example, I want to be able to buy a SPY $280 call at 930am when SPY is at $275. Sell that call at 1030am when spy is trading at $282 and replace it with a $275 put if the market seems to be going down. Rinse, lather, repeat for the entire day.
I’ve tried probably 15 different brokers and so far none have allowed me to do this. The $25,000 minimum requirement for day reading DOESN’T apply to cash accounts. Only margin. So I should be allowed to trade as much as I please. Despite this, brokers will cite the PDT rule as the reason I can’t trade. Or they will hold any money made from selling a contract for 1-2 days as unsettled cash and no allow me to use it. Like WTF. It shouldn’t be this hard. Motherfucking spy is pumping and I can’t buy a call with my own money just cause I sold a put this morning...
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Trading in IRA with limited margin? TD Ameritrade or TradeStation?

I can't find much discussion about day trading in an IRA and virtually nothing about IRAs with TradeStation. So I'm looking if anyone who does has any insight that could help me.
I was going to open a Roth IRA with Schwab today. Short version is they initially told me I only needed the normal $2,000 for limited margin IRA account. But turns out that wasn't the case when I went to actually open it as the application clearly states you must maintain 25K for limited margin.
I'm not even sure if I want to do cash or limited margin, but I feel best being at a broker where I can enable it if I decide it would be beneficial over cash account. Goal is to keep IRA like 50% long term investments/ETFs and 50% day or swing trading (mostly swing I guess due to PDT rule). I want to get it over 25K as soon as possible for PDT. TradeStation and TD Ameritrade are telling me I just need the normal $2,000 for limited margin. I'm a little concerned that whenever TD Ameritrade integrates with Schwab they could switch to Schwab's rules.
I'm also between brokers for my main trading account though. I'm expecting to use TradeStation, but that isn't certain yet. Not sure if it is really beneficial in any way to have both at the same broker. I was feeling a bit better about having my IRA with Schwab due to the far customer service, website, etc. TS also has a $35 annual fee which is a little annoying when my IRA will be small for now. I opened a TD Ameritrade account to play around with tos but I don't expect to use it for main trading account. An IRA there may be fine though.
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Day Trading strategies & Tradestation Indicators A Guide to the Basics of Day Trading on Margin ForteTraders Algorithmic Day Trading Diary on Tradestation Tradestation Charting Basics Day Trading Margin! SHOULD YOU USE IT?

If the day-trading margin call is not met by the fifth business day, the account will be further restricted to trading only on a cash available basis for 90 days or until the call is met. Discover the advantages of trading Stocks & ETFs with TradeStation Day Trading Rules (only in Margin Accounts) Day trading on margin refers to the practice of buying and selling the same stocks multiple times within the same trading day such that all positions are usually closed that trading day.Day trading using a cash account can easily lead to Good Faith Violations.. Learn more about Cash & Margin Account Day Trading Rules and Good Faith Violations. To day trade, traders must maintain an account balance of at least $25,000 to comply with the Pattern Day Trader rule, which grants them access to 4:1 margin during the day. It is important to remember, day trading is risky. TradeStation Pattern Day Trading Restriction Pattern day trading rules at TradeStation. Active trader PDT requirements for margin and cash accounts above/below $25,000 balance. How many day trades does TradeStation allow. The maintenance margin requirements for a pattern day trader are much higher than that for a non-pattern day trader. The minimum equity requirement for a pattern day trader is $25,000 (or 25% of

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Day Trading strategies & Tradestation Indicators

In light of the dangers inherent in using margin, day-trading rules prohibit U.S.-regulated brokers from providing margin greater than 4:1 (i.e., a multiple of four times your money) for any ... Margin Account vs. Cash Account - Options Trading For Beginners - How To Trade Options - Duration: 6:00. Option Alpha 78,269 views Subscribe: The pattern day trading rule limits how many day trades you can make in a margin account with less than $25,00... Day Trading Margin! Should you use it? Now thats a good question and it seems that some people are confused on how Margin works and why its an everyday tool for DayTraders. Talking about Margin ... Day Trading strategies Tradestation Indicators Index strategies indicators market strategies indicators technical strategies indicators ...